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    Solar power forecasts

    For power producers, asset managers, traders and grid operators

    Why do we need to predict solar power production?

    The energy produced by solar power plants is variable. The production of a solar farm depends indeed on weather conditions (irradiance, clouds, etc.) which can be particularly difficult to predict. However, knowing the production of a solar plant beforehand is necessary to efficiently integrate it into power grids and markets. This is why meteo*swift has developed a reliable solar power forecasting solution for producers, operators, traders and grid operators.

    Our solution

    Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of our technology. Our system collects and leverages huge amount of datas coming from three main sources:

    • Production and local data coming from solar plants’ SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) and weather stations
    • Solar irradiance forecast from satellite imagery
    • Numerical weather prediction models from weather agencies

    All of these data are then processed by meteo*swift’s machine learning algorithms which provide ultra-accurate power forecasts.



    Deterministic and / or probabilistic solar power forecasts

    At plant or portfolio level






    (15min, 30min, 1h, etc.)

    Mode of data transmission


    (API, FTP, SFTP, etc.)

    Geographical area

    Predictions available for any location worldwide



    Other KPIs upon request

    Example: Deterministic solar power forecast – Production of a ground mounted photovoltaïc plant in kW – Horizon D+4

    Solar power forecast chart

    Why meteo*swift?

    Plug & play

    We provide a customizable Data-As-A-Service solution compatible with any existing asset management or trading platform.


    Our customers’ data are stored in ultra-secure datacenters via monitored and encrypted connections.

    Hight reliability

    Our redundant architecture ensures high data availability, without any shortage nor disruption in our forecasting service.


    Interested in our forecasting services?

    Our experts answer to your questions and your needs


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