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    Use cases

    Power traders and aggregators

    Optimize transactions on power markets


    Optimize transactions on power markets

    Energy traders and aggregators act as intermediaries between renewable power producers and marketplaces. They buy electricityfrom producers at a fixed price and sell it at market price on the spot market. They take responsibility for the risks associated with the volatility of the electricity market. Their profitability therefore depends on their ability to anticipate the evolution of production /price curves and optimize their transactions accordingly.

    meteo*swift’s forecasts help traders to:


    Take better trading decisions on spot markets

    Optimize bid for the next day thanks to day-ahead power forecasts


    Maximize transaction revenue

    Correct yesterday’s bid during the day thanks to intraday forecasts


    Minimize balancing penalties

    Reduce imbalances costs arising from the differences between announced / delivered production

    Example: Intraday forecast to correct the previous day’s bid

    Power traders receive an accurate forecast of the production for the next hours. They can thus correct their previous day’s purchasing / selling bids on the intraday market.

    • Forecast: wind power (kW)
    • Horizon: H+10h
    • Interval: 1 hour
    • Sending frequency: every hour from 7am
    Intraday Power forecasts for traders

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