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    About us


    The French expert in power forecasting, for a better integration of renewable energies in markets and grids


    meteo*swift was founded by Morgane Barthod in 2015, at the begining of the boom of renewable energies in the electrical mix.

    In order to ensure the grid stability, energy transition laws were enacted that required green power producers to provide power generation forecasts.

    The role of power forecaster became key for the green electricity value chain.

    At the same time, a bunch of innovations emerged around artificial intelligence tools. By applying machine learning technological breakthroughs to traditional power forecasting methods, Morgane’s team reaches a level of accuracy that was a game changer in the industry.

    meteo*swift was born.

    meteo*swift has received several awards that recognize its forecaster expertise

    The founder

    Morgane Barthod graduated in 2015 from the Ecole Polytechnique (France) and EPFL (Switzerland) with MSc degrees in both Energy and Environmental Engineering. She worked on wind-energy-related topics such as blade icing, European regulatory frameworks and wind energy in Scandinavia.

    In particular, her final thesis was on:

    • The first mapping of wind resources in France
    • The development of new techniques for downscaling and uncertainties assessment
    • Demonstrating the uses of short-term forecasts

    These researchs led her to understand how critical accurate forecasts were going to be in the energy transition. She thus created meteo*swift, whose mission is to develop AI-based energy forecasting tools for power trading, grid balancing and asset management purposes.

    In 2017, the MIT Technology Review named Morgane as one of the 10 best Innovators aged under 35 in France. In the meanwhile, meteo*swift received several awards for its innovative work as green power forecaster.

    The Team

    A team spirit driven by ecology and humanity.

    meteo*swift brings together a team of more than 15 dedicated data-science, energy and meteorology professionals, and it keeps growing!

    meteo*swift team


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